Cleaning with vinegar

I have seen post after post about cleaning with vinegar. To be honest, the smell is awful to me so I have never tried it. That is until this week. We just moved into a new house and the faucets could use some cleaning. I decided to give vinegar a try….and I was not disappointed. In fact vinegar is my new best friend:) Here are some before and after photos (these are unedited photos, only added text).

For faucets with mineral build up, all you need to do is put vinegar into a bag, secure the bag onto the faucet, and let it soak for 30mintues-1 hour or longer if you need to do other stuff. No scrubbing, nada….take the bag off and be amazed!

Next my sweet kids have a tendency to be hard on my kitchen table…by that I mean they scratch it with utensils (accidentally of course).  So I read that you can mix 1 part olive oil with 1 part vinegar. Scrub the scratches with the mixture and see what happens….here is my proof (and again no editing done here)!

Not bad for results, right?!

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