Pretzel Christmas Trees




Isn’t this a cute idea? I found it on Pinterest…here is the original link! I made about 4 dozen of these treats in under an hour!

To make these you will need: (quantities vary depending on how many you want to make)

  1. Pretzel rods
  2. Green candy melts (I used three bags for 4 dozen trees)
  3. sprinkles
  4. wax paper
  5. ziploc bags


  • Place pretzel rods onto sheets of wax paper.
  • Place one bag of candy melts into a large ziploc bag (sealed). Microwave at 30 second intervals until melted.
  • Snip a tiny corner of the bag and pipe tree shapes onto the pretzels.
  • Add sprinkles and let sit until completely dry!

That’s it! Too easy, not much clean up, and a cute treat! Win, win!

DSC_0015 DSC_0013

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2 thoughts on “Pretzel Christmas Trees

  1. I have the pretzel rods at home and I am going to get the candy melts today. Did you have to turn the bag after each 30 second run in the microwave or just left it on one side? How long did it take them to dry?

    • Hi Amber! I did not turn the bag just kinda kept the candy in the corner and smashed it with my fingers to help it melt. I think it took two 30 second intervals. Drying time was around an hour I think. Not too bad! Have fun making them!

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