Hand Print Spider Craft


I love a craft that requires no prep time and is simple enough to complete with things you already have. I saw an idea for a spider craft created with kid’s hand prints and thought it was too cute! So I grabbed a Nike box and cut off the long rectangular sides. Ideally I would have used a canvas for this type of craft so that I could save it for years to come, but I didn’t have any canvas on hand so the Nike box it was! Bonus it was already orange…just like I wanted to background to be. Sure I had to paint over the Nike swoosh and a few little white words to make it solid orange but it worked and was free!  I drew each child a spider web, and then let them paint the web with a nice shiny off white paint.  Next we painted one hand minus the thumb. Place their hand down so you have a hand print. Repaint child’s hand and this time place it the opposite direction. Now you have a spider with 8 legs! Embellish with some fun googly eyes and add a smile!

DSC_0002 DSC_0003



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