Fluffy stuff for sensory play

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If messes scare you….this might not be an activity for you.  Although if you did this outside cleanup would be a breeze!  I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and then did some more research on how to make fluffy stuff.  This stuff is super easy to make and even more fun to play with.  The texture is unlike any other. The closest thing that comes to mind is cloud dough (flour and baby oil mixed). So you will need a box of cornstarch and a can of shaving cream.  All you do is pour the cornstarch into a good size bucket and then cover it in shaving cream. Mix with hands until you get a “dough” that sticks together and is somewhat moldable. I let my kids do the mixing! Have fun!

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We did this inside on the wood floors. It was a bit messy; however, cleanup was easy.  The “fluffy stuff” that is spilled onto the floor dries like powder and is swept up easily!

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