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For our daughter’s fifth party,  we made a number 5 piñata. I have made a few piñatas and depending on the tape you use they can be pretty hard to break open. So I did some research on how to make a pull string piñata instead of making one you have to break open with a bat/stick.  Here’s what I did:


You will need a cardboard box, a cereal box (not pictured here), tape, tissue paper, ribbon, and a glue stick (not shown either).

DSC_0004 DSC_0003

Make two identical shapes using the cardboard box. In this case, I made a number 5.  Cut the cereal box into strips measuring the same width.  I made two inch strips. Tape the strips between the two number fives to form an enclosed “box”.


Cut the tissue paper into two inch strips and make slits in the paper almost to the top. Use the glue stick to lay the strips on the piñata. Repeat until the entire piñata is covered.  With the number 5 shape this took quite a while. I did the outside edges and then did the front and back.


To hang the piñata, I used a piece of ribbon. I cut a slit in the front and back and slid the ribbon thru.


To make the trap door, I used an exacto blade to cut a small square with one side still attached. Cut a slit in the middle of the door, and thread a piece a string through.  Tie a knot so the string will hold and pull the door open when pulled by a kid.  Place other ribbons around the bottom on piñata in places that would not make the door pull open.

Hope you enjoy making a piñata!

*If you want more detailed instructions on making the piñata, check out this previous post on my site!


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3 thoughts on “Pull String Pinata

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  2. What did you use to keep the trap door close while its filled with candies or goodies? Mine is either to lose & it opens under the weight or has had to much tissue paper bridging the opening around the trap door making it too hard for a child to open it by themselves. Help!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I have only made a pull string pinata once and this was it. As I am thinking about your question I realize I didn’t fill this one with candy. I did a princess theme party and had a note in the pinata. The note led the girls on a treasure hunt to search for the hidden goodies. My only thought would be possibly use some masking tape to tape the trap door closed? I would think the kids would still be able to pull it open. Sorry to not be able to give a better answer! Hope this helps in some way!

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