White Queso

I have been on the hunt for a true white queso dip….you know like the ones served in Mexican restaurants! Only out here the Mexican restaurants serve orange base cheese dips…not white base cheese dips like the south. I miss my southern white queso:(  I have tried about 4 recipes so far, and most have flopped.  Until tonight that is, I found a recipe worthy of making again. I will say it is NOT like the southern dip I am trying to make.  It’s more like a traditional cheese dip with velveeta cheese and rotel….only no velveeta in this one. Real cheese my friends…parmesan, cream cheese, and monterey jack. It makes a lot, so have some friends over and enjoy!

DSC_0013Recipe can be found by clicking here!  This site has some amazing recipes, so be sure to look around!

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