Easter Craft Ideas

Just a few fun crafts for Easter…

To make the bunny, use paper plates for the head and body. Make 2 sets of footprints on card stock paper. Cut out the prints and glue onto the body. Decorate and paint as desired!

We made our own Easter cards to send. Paint the child’s palm, index finger, and pinky finger. Make prints into bunnies!

Paint printed Easter eggs with a fun paint…mix koolaid powder and corn syrup.  Dries shiny and a bit raised. Warning: this is messy and takes a long time to dry. Will also drip when hung up, so make sure the floor beneath can be cleaned easily.

Make stained glass eggs or crosses with contact paper, tissue paper, and construction paper. Cut your shape out of construction paper. Place onto a sheet of clear contact paper. Stick little pieces of tissue paper onto the shape. Use another sheet of contact paper on top to seal it. Trim around the shape and hang.

Hope you and your little ones will make some fun Easter crafts soon!

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