UF Gator Cupcakes

My husband graduated from UF and loves his Gators! Last year for our anniversary, I saw a picture of the cutest Gator cake made out of cupcakes.  I never found directions, but was able to duplicate it pretty well by looking at the picture.  It’s getting close to our 9th anniversary….wonder what I can create?!


  • To make this cake, I used 24 vanilla cupcakes and buttercream icing, tinted green, orange, blue, and white.
  • First, place the cupcakes on your tray in the shape of the gator. Here’s the count starting at the mouth: 1,1,3,4,2,2,4,2,1,1,1,1.
  • Next, smooth green icing on the “body” cupcakes and orange on the mid section for the shirt.
  • On the green cucpakes, I used a small round tip to pipe little dots to look like scales…another option here would be to use little mini green M&Ms.  I didn’t have the patience to dig green M&Ms out of the bag:)
  • Use your blue icing to make a Florida F and outline in white for contrast.
  • I used Hershey’s chocolate bars for the claws and accents.
  • To create the eyes, I used two marshmallows, covered in green icing. Use a small piece of marshmallow on each side to create the eyeball and add a chocolate chip for the pupil.
  • For the teeth I used cut marshmallows.

*I love the way this turned out….football season is almost here so I might just make this one again!

UPDATE: Just made this Gator cake again. I took pictures along the way to show exactly how I made it! Hope this helps you create your own Gator soon:)












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