Making “Gak”

My kids love making things….especially sticky, ooey, gooey, stuff like “gak”!  I have made this several times, but this weekend I tried this particular “recipe”.  You should try it out….takes minutes to make and provides endless fun!

DSC_0120 DSC_0123

You will need two four ounce bottles of glue, water, borax, and food coloring.  I let each kid make a full recipe of gak, so I used four glue bottles (two per kid)!


  • Have kids empty both bottles of glue into a bowl.
  • Add warm water into the empty glue bottle and shake. Pour this into the bowl. (Original recipe calls for a full glue bottle of water here, but I found this too be too much water.)
  • Add in desired amount of food coloring to the bowl and stir.
  • In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup warm water with a teaspoon of borax. Mix until borax dissolves.
  • Pour borax solution into glue bowl! Have kids mix and watch in amazement.
  • Here’s where it also gets tricky though. The gak will not completely “gel” together until you physically knead it with your hands. Time to get messy! AND don’t worry this takes some time…the longer you knead the better the consistency!
  • I give my kids cookie cutters, cups, plastic utensils, small animal figurines, etc to use in the gak. They stay busy for at least an hour! Store gak in a large ziploc bag!


*Original idea and credit goes to Lil Luna!

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