Make your own popcorn

Let’s start by saying that popcorn is a snack that is requested quite a bit around here. But if you take a look at the microwave popcorn box, you will probably agree that it’s um, not so good….so I have a whirly pop popcorn maker that I love. My only complaint is having to clean it. On Pinterest I saw a post on how to make popcorn using a brown paper bag, old school style! I love making popcorn this way with no clean up.

  • First pour a half cup of popcorn kernels into your brown paper bag.
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of oil onto the kernels and shake the bag to coat all of the kernels.
  • Fold the top of bag down and place into microwave standing up.
  • Pop for two to two and a half minutes. Just listen for the popping to stop.
  • Season as desired and enjoy!
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